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Ilana Goor Museum Gift Shop is located in Old Jaffa. Just like the museum, the gallery offers the visitors an enchanting and fascinating experience which combines an ancient architectural view with history and art. It contains an eclectic composition of artworks created by the artist and designer Ilana Goor. The artworks are defined by their strength and dominant present that cannot be ignored.

Bronze Sculptures, lighting fixtures, and furniture designs that are made of bronze, iron, glass, wood and metal, are located in the unique space with profound thought and meaning. Alongside, there are also useful art items such as bowls, dining tools, sculptured handles and hangers with a humoristic aspect or influenced by iconography of nature, animals and myths. The shop also offers Judaicas, such as menorahs, mezuzahs and candle holders which can be unique presents for special and meaningful occasion.
In addition, the shop offers wearable art; a wide variety of jewelry designs and fashion accessories, like rings, necklaces, pins and brooches, earrings and belt buckles which are made of mixtures between gold, sterling silver, leather and gemstones.

All these items can be purchased at the museum's online shop. All the sculptured and designed items have been efficiently categorized to provide you an easy and comfortable experience. Every item has its own webpage with high quality pictures and details such as sizes, weights, descriptions and prizes that keep the customer highly informed. In many cases, the shop's customers prefer to pay a visit at the museum and shop to enjoy the authentic experience the place has to offer.

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